// For Sale

Certain domain names in our portfolio were purchased strictly as an investment and thus for future resale. For example, 3-letter domain names have long been a solid investment in the .COM domain space. As the limited supply of these 3-letter domain names dwindles from the re-sale market, the value of those remaining "for sale" increase each year. Bonfire recognized early on that similar investment opportunities still remained with .CA domain names. As such, in 2004 we registered a block of 500 domains, which represented a significant portion of the remaining available 3-letter .CA domain names (excluding combinations that included the least common/popular letters Q, X & Z).

Bonfire also has a large inventory of generic domain names, some of which we will consider selling and some of which were reserved for our own future development projects.

// Purchase Inquiries

Use this contact form to request pricing for a specific domain.

Pricing for each domain is handled on an individual basis, as the value depends much upon the rarity, quality and value of the words and any associated products and services.

All sales will be structured with a proper sales agreement. Payments can be made directly to Bonfire via check, bank wire, Interac email transfer, or through escrow services such as Escrow.com (at purchasers request).